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Estate Planning Attorney

After you are gone, what resources will remain for your spouse, your children, or other loved ones? Will your final matters be handled as you wish? Planning your estate often involves both management of assets and tax matters. I will walk you through the necessary decisions to help craft an approach right for you. I spend time with each client to discover his or her goals, and to create a plan to reach those estate planning goals. In this way I can determine whether the client requires a basic will, a trust, an LLC, powers of attorney, or other documents. I grew up in a family that owned farmland and am familiar with the special challenges facing farmers who have a deep attachment to the land and to their family’s traditions. Contact us today!



Estate Litigation

Estate plans made with the best of intentions can go wrong when the time comes to distribute assets – especially “out of the box” plans that may have been prepared by a non-attorney or obtained from the internet. When issues among beneficiaries cannot be resolved informally, I have found mediation to be a valuable alternative to litigation. However, I am experienced in litigation and am willing to represent my clients in court when necessary. I have represented clients in trust and estate disputes concerning assets worth more than one million dollars and in trust and estate disputes concerning much smaller sums, trying in each case to find the most reasonable, effective, and appropriate approach to the given situation. Contact us today!


Guardianship Attorney

Sometimes a loved one becomes too incapacitated to care for his or her financial, personal, or medical needs. I have helped many families in situations like these. My staff and I and can guide you through the legal process necessary to become a guardian of a protected person, including representing you in court proceedings. We can help you meet the legal requirements for this serious responsibility.. Contact us today!


LLC Attorney

LLCs are one popular way of organizing small businesses, but they are also a useful vehicle to organize a family concern (like farmland with multiple family-member owners, or for other commonly held real estate, like a lake house or vacation cottage). A carefully crafted LLC can clarify each member’s rights and responsibilities concerning an otherwise hard-to-divide asset, such as farmland, a small business, or a recreational property. Sometimes having rules “in writing” can help avoid conflict – including expensive litigation – and hard feelings down the road. Contact us today!



Probate Attorney

Organizing and distributing the assets of a loved one, and paying final expenses, including income taxes, on the assets of a loved one can be a complicated and draining experience. I can help you through the necessary steps. I have many years of experience in providing legal guidance to clients who are managing estates ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to estates of more than one million dollars. My staff and I will stay in close contact with you, guiding you through the legal and financial responsibilities of managing estates. Contact us today!


Probate Litigation

Sometimes you may have good reason to believe that a parent or other loved-one’s estate plan, will, or trust has been tampered with, either as a result of outright fraud or from undue influence.  Will-challenges are a difficult and time-sensitive procedure, and can be difficult to prove. I can walk you through the requirements and consult with you as to the benefits and risks of a will contest and other forms of trust and probate litigation. Contact us today!


Real Estate Attorney

Along with real estate matters pertaining to my estate, guardianship, and litigation work, I assist clients with residential, farm, and small business sales and purchases and issues relating to real estate in central Indiana. Contact us today!


Small Business Attorney

Over the years I have consulted with many small business owners – and many clients ready and eager to start their first business venture.  I can walk you through the basics of registering with the Secretary of State, creating an LLC and crafting an Operating Agreement. Like estate plans, operating agreements are most effective if they are tailored to the specifics of a given business rather than based on a someone else’s needs.  Also, I can help you bring your business records up to date and assist you in selling, buying, or transferring shares in closely held LLCs. Contact us today!



Trust Attorney

Some people assume that the final administration of a trust is a simple process taking only a few days, but in fact final administration of a trust is much like probate administration of an estate, and takes roughly the same amount of time:  nine months to a year. While, generally speaking, a trustee does not have to file paperwork with a court (unless there is litigation about trust management) he or she needs to perform many of the same duties as a Personal Representative, including paying final bills, collecting assets and preparing and filing final income tax returns.  I help guide Trustees through the record-keeping and legal responsibilities of their fiduciary position. Contact us today!


Wills and Estate Attorney

My goal is to work with my clients to provide estate plans customized to their needs – not one-size-fits-all plans from a set of templates.  I meet with my clients individually to learn about their estate planning goals, family dynamics, and financial situation before drafting begins, to be sure the result will be an estate plan that works for them. Contact us today!

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