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Are You Starting Up A New Business?

Over the years, our attorneys have consulted with many small-business owners — and many clients ready and eager to start their first business venture. We can walk you through the basics of registering with the Secretary of State, creating an LLC and crafting an Operating Agreement. Like estate plans, operating agreements are most effective if they are tailored to the specifics of a given business rather than based on someone else’s needs. Also, we can help you bring your business records up to date and assist you in selling, buying or transferring shares in closely held LLCs.

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Is An LLC Right For Your Business Interest?

LLCs are one popular way of organizing small businesses, but they are also a useful vehicle to organize a family concern such as farmland with multiple family-member owners, or for other commonly held real estate, like a lake house or vacation cottage. A carefully crafted LLC can clarify each member’s rights and responsibilities concerning an otherwise hard-to-divide asset, for  farmland, a small business, or recreational property. Sometimes, having rules in writing can help avoid conflict – including expensive litigation – and hard feelings down the road.

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