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An Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You Plan For The Future

After you are gone, what resources will remain for your spouse, your children or other loved ones? Will your final matters be handled as you wish? Planning your estate often involves both management of assets and tax matters. We will walk you through the necessary decisions to help craft an approach right for you.

We spend time with each client to discover their goals, and to create a plan to reach those estate planning goals. In this way, we can determine whether a client requires a basic will, a more complex document such as a trust, an LLC, powers of attorney or other documents. Both attorneys grew up in families that owned farmland and are familiar with the special challenges faced by farmers who have a deep attachment to the land and to their family’s traditions.

Let Us Help You With A Customized Estate Plan

At Gobel Justice & Pyle, our goal is to work with our clients to provide estate plans customized to their needs — not one-size-fits-all plans from a set of templates.

We meet with our clients individually to learn about their estate planning goals, family dynamics and financial situation before drafting begins, to be sure the result will be an estate plan that works for them. We understand that every family’s needs are unique. That is why we take the time to learn about your goals before developing your estate plan. Contact us today using this website or call our Crawfordsville office at 765-204-5177 to schedule an appointment with us. 

Compassionate, Knowledgeable Guardianship Advocacy

Sometimes a loved one becomes suddenly ill or too incapacitated to care for his or her financial, personal or medical needs. When this happens and they have no advance health care directive or durable power of attorney in place, it may be necessary for family members to petition the court for guardianship over their loved one to handle these matters. We have helped many families in situations like these. At Gobel Justice & Pyle, we can guide you through the legal process necessary to become a guardian of a protected person, including representing you in court proceedings. We can explain your legal duties as a guardian and help you meet these obligations.

Experienced Trust and Estate Litigators

Is your family contesting your loved one’s will? Call Gobel Justice & Pyle, in Crawfordsville for experienced estate litigation. Estate plans made with the best of intentions can go wrong when the time comes to distribute assets — especially “out-of-the-box” plans that may have been prepared by a nonattorney or obtained from the internet. When issues among beneficiaries cannot be resolved informally, we have found mediation to be a valuable alternative to litigation. However, we are  experienced in litigation and are willing to represent clients in court when necessary.

Attorney Litany A. Pyle grew up in a family that owned farmland. She knows the special challenges faced by farmers who have a deep attachment to the land and to their family’s traditions.

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