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Having a criminal record does not have to be a life sentence to your freedom. If you have done your time, certain crimes and circumstances may qualify for expungement of your criminal record in Indiana.

Since 2011, Indiana law has allowed certain crimes to be expunged from a person’s record if the correct conditions are met. Even if criminal charges and arrests are acquitted or dismissed, those charges remain a part of your public record. Only an expungement can completely remove the incident from your public record. Attorney Litany A. Pyle is familiar with current Indiana expungement rules and procedures and Kyle D. Gobel can guide clients through the process.

Does Your Case Qualify For Expungement In Indiana?

Generally, for those not currently participating in a pretrial diversion program, certain offenses, including some misdemeanor and felony convictions, may be subject to record expungement. However, the process of expunging or sealing a record is complex. It includes gathering specific information such as the county and date where the arrest occurred, the resulting charges, the court where the charges were filed, the arresting officer’s name, the case or court cause number and other detailed information. Because the process is complex, it is best approached with a knowledgeable attorney at your side.

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