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Has Your Family Recently Lost A Loved One?

Organizing and distributing the assets of a loved one and paying final expenses, including income taxes, on the assets of a loved one can be complicated and draining experiences. An experienced probate attorney can help you through the necessary steps. At Gobel Justice & Pyle, our attorneys have many years of experience in providing legal guidance to clients who are managing estates ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to estates of more than one million dollars. Our attorneys and staff will stay in close contact with you, guiding you through the legal and financial responsibilities of managing estates.

Contact Gobel Justice & Pyle by email through this website or call us at 765-204-5177 to schedule an appointment today.

We Can Help Facilitate The Final Administration Of Your Loved One’s Trust

Some people assume that the final administration of a trust is a simple process taking only a few days, but in fact, final administration of a trust is much like probate administration of an estate and takes roughly the same amount of time: nine months to a year. While, generally speaking, a trustee is not required to file paperwork with a court — unless there is litigation about trust management — a trustee needs to perform many of the same fiduciary duties as a personal representative, including paying final bills, collecting assets, and preparing and filing final income tax returns.

We help guide trustees through their legal responsibilities including complex record-keeping.

Is There A Reason To Contest Your Loved One’s Estate Planning Documents?

Sometimes you may have good reason to believe that a parent or other loved-one’s estate plan, will, or trust has been tampered with, either as a result of outright fraud or from undue influence.  Will-challenges are a difficult and time-sensitive procedure, and can be difficult to prove. Our probate litigation attorneys can walk you through the requirements and consult with you as to the benefits and risks of a will contest and other forms of trust and probate litigation. Make an appointment with Gobel Justice & Pyle in Crawfordsville to get started.

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